Sunday, June 16, 2013

raising a superhero!

This was the day we brought Remington home!
Where does time go? I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the last two years of our crazy life and the only question I have is where does the time go? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in a busy NICU waiting to be released and fearing what I was going to do with this baby that had far to many cords! I can remember crying to Dallen saying"Its not bad enough that we have no idea what we are doing as parents but now we have the oxygen and monitors to worry about too!" I can honestly say I thought we would end up messing it up some how! I was not sure what these people were thinking allowing us to take home this sweet baby and trusting us with keeping him alive! Although I wanted so badly to bring him home, I feared that I was not the mommy to raise him! I feared we would be unable to give him the help he needed to succeed! His future was in our hands! Were we ready?
    WELL...WE DID IT! So far our little Remington has been thriving on life! He has come so far in his almost two years here! I watch him everyday accomplish things that a week earlier I thought were only in my dreams! In the beginning it was hard to get a grasp on what Remington's life would be like and honestly even now I wonder what lies ahead for our little hero! How he will do in school? Will the other children except Remington and allow him to be himself? Will he be able to stand up for himself knowing that he is an amazing person inside and out? Will he play sports? Will he drive? Will he get married(deep down I hope not)? All of these questions are in my head every single day and I don't know the answers to them but is that any different then any other parent? I think not!
 What is different now from when he was first born is that I no longer fear it! I no longer fear the day that Remington figures out he is a little different then his siblings and friends! I know longer fear the hard work it takes each day to get Remington to do things that may come easy to someone else! I know longer fear any of it because I know now the spirit that lies inside of the child I call my son! I now know the many advantages that come along with the responsibility of raising a superhero! So I thought in honor of his second birthday I would share some of my very favorite perks to being a mother of a superhero!
   One of the most amazing things about Remi is his ability to make people happy! I don't know what it is about him but everywhere we go someone is coming up to us and saying how happy Remi makes them! I used to think this was because they knew he had Down Syndrome and they were trying to be nice but more times then not when I tell them he has Down Syndrome they are surprised and had no idea! I have had people come from the other end of the store and tell us that they were having a bad day and saw Remi and it made them happy! I often wonder if this is not his purpose here in this world to bring light to people in dark places! I know he does for me almost every single day!
     In the beginning I was really slow to get involved with other families with children with Down Syndrome! I felt like if the only thing that we had in common was that our children have Down Syndrome then its not going to be that fun! Well I have to say how Wrong I was! I have enjoyed ever minute of getting to know and sharing struggles that we face with my DS mommy's! Remi has two little buddies in particular that both him and I have enjoyed getting to know and I can only hope that our boys will stay close forever! I truly enjoyed the Buddy Walk last year and was humbled by all the support and love so many showed to our little family! We had family and friends come from all over the state to show their love for Remi! I can tell you all that you not only made our day last year but our whole year! I know both Dallen and I were so thankful and felt so blessed by all your love and support! I am also very proud to say that we had the biggest team there! GO REMI'S HEROES!!
Remington's two year picture!
  I know most of you have heard me refer to Remington as my little superhero more then once but I am unsure that I have ever really expressed why he is my superhero! Now I am sure I am not the first mother any of you will ever hear say that their children changed them. Really it would probably be safe to say that every child teaches their parents and helps them to grow just about as much as we help them to grow! So I am not saying I am special by any means but Remington has changed me! He has made me see the beauty within a persons heart and not so much by what they look like on the outside! I always tell Dallen that before Remi we were lost! He is the greatest blessing we have ever received and the only one we did not know we needed(go figure)! Remi has taught both Dallen and I that sometimes in life its okay to slow down and live in the moment and stop getting so wrapped up in the future! That taking baby steps are sometimes much more rewarding then Running! That its okay to stop and remind the people you love just how important they are to you as often as you can! That what truly matters in life can not be bought! Mostly for me though Remi has taught me that what determines a person is not the amount of money they have in their bank account but by how they handle the challenges they face in life! Do we give up the moment that life gets a little bumpy or do we see the bumps coming and speed up! Knowing that no matter how long it takes us and how many cuts and bruises we get. We will make it through this challenge too!
  I want to end this by saying that two years ago we were unsure the road we were headed down and we were both scared out of our minds for the future! The next two years are just as unknown but the past two years have been filled with happy, amazing memories! Through our faith and our love we have made this journey one for the record books and I can not wait for yet another year full of crazy Butterfield adventures! I have to say thank you to our little Superhero for all the laughter and love he has brought into our lives and tell him how proud we are of everything he is and everything he will become! Happy Birthday little man your mommies everything! Also thank you to all of our family and friends for everything you do for our family we love you all!
Remi's mommy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis the season!

As I was out today looking around for last minuet gifts(I know I am one of "THOSE" people) I started to realize how much of Christmas has been lost in the madness of gift giving! Now usually I try to keep my blogs about Remington but tonight I am going to talk about a person who made my childhood Christmases merry and bright!
left to right:
great grandma Lula, cousin Dani, Tiff, Grandma marian and me! 

Decorating the tree!

Now I remember when I was little my Grandma Marian would throw the greatest Christmas parties in the entry world! I can remember being so excited for November to come just to help my Grandma get the house decorated(which usually was never finished until the week before Christmas)! My Grandma would make the inside of the house look like Santa's workshop! My grandpa would make the outside look beautiful!  They had this Christmas star you could see from the road and I can remember being so proud knowing that star came from their house!  Grandma had the greatest stories about her meetings with Santa and how he told her he knew if we had been good or bad! 
Christmas with grandma!
I was probably on the naughty list more then I was on the Good list(somethings never change) but I always loved hearing about the magic of Santa. In fact I remember when I stopped believing in the "Jolly old guy" I was scared to tell my grandma, in fear it would break her heart forever. So I did what any child at age ten would do,  I fibbed! I think she thought I believed until I was well into middle school(sorry grandma)!  My Grandma knew every Christmas song there ever was. She always had music playing through the Holidays and she was always singing along(or her best attempt at singing anyway)! In case some of you are wondering...this is where my BEAUTIFUL singing voice comes from! I remember that she would go all out on her grandchildren for Christmas! As an adult I can appreciate how this must of set her and my grandpa back each year but that never mattered to them. She was determined to make Christmas everything to us kids and she always did!
wise man Whit!
 I remember being very young and getting dressed up in my grandma's night gowns to put on a nativity scene for the adults. I am sure my big sister was the ring leader in this because she always had us doing nerdy things like this!  Yet this is one of my favorite pictures to look back on as a child! We always had so much fun with my grandma any day of the year but there was just something about the Christmas holiday that brought out a new light in her! Now some might find this ironic but I find it perfect and fitting her entails are M.C.( Merry Christmas) and her name when said fast almost sounds like Merry Christmas( for her privacy I wont put her name on here but if you know her try this out)! Now I can not tell you many of the gifts I received over the years but what I can tell you is every second I spent helping my Grandma and being with the family is what made my Christmas.  My Grandmother instilled in her grandchildren the true joy of Christmas! We not only learned of the great magic of Santa and the gifts we were sure to receive but that the Holidays were about getting together as a family and making memories together! Thank you grandma for making my childhood Christmases all that a child could dream of and more! You have given me something to look up to as I raise Remington and his siblings to come and someday my own grandchildren.  I love you grandma and thank you!
(I could not resist putting some of the picture of Christmases growing up!)
My first Christmas!

My cousin Dani, Sister Tiffany and I on Christmas!
Christmas at Grandma's...gotta love my hat!

Look at all those presents! I have always been a show stopper!
So like tiffany to sit why I clean!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting big

So thanks to my lovely sister Tiffany and her constant reminder that I have not wrote on my blog for sometime now and me not being one to finish something I start...HERE I AM(which happens to be the title of my latest favorite song)! So much has happened since my last entry and I do apologize for keeping you all waiting, so lets get started!
before the surgery!
Remington is doing so well since his surgery. Although my sweet little Super Hero is still on his special juice(oxygen) at night, we now know why he is and the problems that we know stand ahead to fix it! Remington has a few problems in his airways that are causing the the breathing difficulties. The first is that his adenoids are very enlarged and will have to come out eventually(they like to wait on this until they are about two but will do it sooner if needed)! The seconded is that his epiglottis( which is the little dangley thing in the back of your throat) is shaped more like a horse shoe and it needs to be more flat. We hope that this will fix itself but if not they well have to fix that. Our ENT( Ear, nose, and throat doctor) says that he thinks that this will most likely fix itself. This is also the reason that Remington makes that funny sound that sounds like a seal(which in a way would be sad not to hear because it makes him, him)! The third issue is probably the most concerning, every human body has two holes in the lung to let air out. These holes are usually quit large, Remi has one that is usual size and then one that is very little. The ENT thinks that this is because he had so many troubles at birth with his lungs. He is hoping that this will fix itself but is unsure if it will. If not they will have to go in and widen that hole because it will make it very difficult to breath when our Hero starts walking! All of these issues ARE fixable and that is the very best news a mommy wants to hear. We will be going back when Remington is One to check these things again. So keep your fingers Crossed! Remi also had his cute little ears checked while we had him under. He had tubes put in and we are already noticing how much better he can hear. Every time we are out in loud places, he gets very jumping and scared. Although my voice does not seem to bother him and I would not say I am a quite person to say the least!
post surgery!
Remington did so good in his surgery that we were able to take him home. This was supposed to be and over night stay surgery. This is just one of the MANY reasons that my little wonder never stops AMAZING his mommy and daddy of his true bravery and will to be healthy! We are so proud of Remington for all he has accomplished.

Okay since we brought are little monster home he has been one of the greatest sleepers! Well that was until he got his hearing back and now wakes up at least two to three times a night! Some nights my little guy does not want to go back to sleep and because I am a weak mommy I put a movie in and we cuddle and watch cartoons! Then he ends up sleeping with me, which is kind of ironic because I have ALWAYS been the one that says " Babies sleep in there cribs!" I guess its different when it is your own and there is space on the bed for him! Remington makes me want to break all the rules. He just has away of making me do whatever he wants. YES our kids have COMPLETE control of us flocks! We have but no choice then to let them win! That is if we value what little sleep we are given and believe me when I say I VERY MUCH DO!
cuddling with daddy!

Our little super hero is now saying "DADADADADADADADADA!" although I worked on mommy for months Dallen still got the first word! I tell Dallen all the time it is just because it is easier(it makes me feel better) but in away I am so happy it was his first word! Dallen will KILL me for saying this but you should see his face every time Remi says "dada" He just lights up! He seriously is such a proud daddy! Plus I get so many first that only mommy's get and so I guess I can give him this one....BUT...the next word better be mommy! He is also sitting pretty much on his own these days(with the occasional tip over)! He is eating baby food and has a strong love for Squash and Carrots. He has a strong hate for most fruits( I know odd) Green beans and Peas! If you choose either of these green devils, you better be ready to doc and cover because he will spit them back at you! Remington is getting so big it is crazy to me. At his six month appointment our little man was weighing in at a whooping 17 pounds and 11 ounces(which might be normal for average babies but for a baby with DS it is AMAZING! To put this into perspective a usual 18 month old DS baby weighs about what Remi does right now) Remington is also 27 and a half inches long which is also AMAZING! The other day we actually were shopping and a father with a nine year old Ds boy, stopped to talk to us about Remington(this happens a lot, the DS community is so loving and opened)! He was so was amazed at how big and healthy Remi looked! This made Dallen and I smile, it is always nice to hear from others how great your child is ha ha ha!

Spiting peas!
Rem's therapist Sue is doing lots of new things with Remington! He now has a ball that he sits on and bounces! We also practice our Superman flying tactics by laying on our bellies and rolling on the ball. While mommy holds our feet! He usually loves this but is not really a big fan of the sitting and bouncing. This is to help him to have better balance and to build that upper body core. I am going to have one buff baby on my hands. I have to tell you I feel so blessed to have the medical team that we have for Remington. Sue being at the top of that list!


I thought I would end this entry on a high with some of the funny things that have happened in the past couple weeks. I am sure most of you have heard by now my story of how we get Remington to be quite in the car these days but for the few that have not heard I will go ahead and tell the story anyways. Remington has acquired and strong dislike for the car rides. One day I was driving home from work and he was just screaming. I had pulled over tried to clam him down and nothing was working. So I did what any mother on her last thread of normalcy would do! I turned up my music and tried my best not to think about the baby crying in the backseat! It just so happened that the song on my ipod was an old high school classic "There it go (the Whistle song)!" I know embarrassing but it gets me every time! Remington also was very touched by the song! He went from screaming to a peaceful sweet ray of sunshine! I thought maybe this was a mistake so I changed the song and he started crying again. So needless to say we drive around town these days rocking out to the "Whistle song!" Dallen is very worried we have produced a little "RAPPA!"

This story is very gross and should probably not be told but when have I ever been one to keep a good embarrassing story of myself under raps? Remington has a hard time going number two, so we have this whole process to get that crap(literally) out! One day we had been at it for almost thirty minutes and I was sure he was done. I got him all dressed and ready to go when what to my wondering ears...he is still working on some more! I seriously could not believe he was still going to try and poop some more! As I was taking his diaper off I said are you serious...I had my mouth wide open and my beloved child peed right into my mouth! I was so shocked I sat there for a half a second trying to calculate what had just happened then I ran off to the bathroom and threw up! Dallen could not stop laughing and refused to kiss me for about four days! Gotta love my boy!

Well that is a pretty good idea what is going on around our place and what we are looking forward to in the future. We love all of you so very much and are so thankful for all your love and support that you show to us each and every single day!
Remi's Mommy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moving on up!

One of our family pictures
One might say that I have been a little preoccupied the last month and have had no time to write, while another might say I was just to damn lazy to stay up after putting my little monster down for the night to write. I myself would probably lean more to the second but hey who is judging?!?!
Things have been going so super great lately, we are in our new place and I have spent most of my days decorating and getting things put in there right place. You might say I have a problem, I actually get anxiety over where I should put things! I fear that it is becoming a giant issue because I actually keep losing sleep at night thinking about where things should go! Dallen is probably going to kick me out if I wake him up one more time to tell him I know where we should put something! I know what you are thinking this is drastic but like I said I have a very BIG problem! Dallen has been so super about it all though, he will move things around a million times to satisfy my strange decorating troubles! Truth be told he is probably to afraid of the "pink hulk" (which he commonly calls me in times like these) to say no but I love him anyways! I have not had time to take pictures( well really I have not taken pictures due to the fact that I am not done) but when I do I will be sure to blog!
so sweet!
Other then this Remington is doing so great getting big and talking like it is going out of style! I think he might look like his daddy(which I am finally starting to accept) but he has mommy's personality. You cant stop Remington from a good conversation! He and I have had a lot of quality time lately and I am proud to announce Remi loves my dancing! Makes him laugh so hard he almost starts crying(not really sure what to think about that)! We took him to the doctor on Friday because he was not feeling very well and he is weighing in now at 16 pounds 1 ounce and 26 and half inches long! Pretty soon I am not even going to be able to hold him...he will probably be holding me! He is pretty much sitting up by himself these days and starting to eat rice cereal(which he hates) and sitting in his high chair while we eat(which he also hates)! He is a big fan of our fans in our living room, I think he thinks they are the greatest thing since ham fried rice! We had some trouble the first couple night in our new house trying to get him to sleep! He was not used to the sounds,smells and looks of his now room but he is doing a little better now! Still not my sleep through the night baby, that I have come to love but we will get there!
what a sweet face(not) he hates his mush!
As many of you might already know Remington is having a surgery on November 14th for his ears and airways! Nothing to serious, they are just putting tubes in, checking how extensive the hearing lose is in his right ear and exploring his airways to see if something is blocking of his air path while he sleeps! This might be why he sounds like a seal when he cries and why he is still on oxygen at night! It will be at primary's and should be no more then an hour long! I am hoping all goes well and we can bring him home that day but they are telling us to expect at least an over night stay! Not exactly where we wont to be( brings back lots of bad memories) but we will not be admitted to the NICU so that is a plus! Also we should actually be able to stay over night with him and this will make it lots better on us! Dallen is looking forward to eating at the Rainbow cafe which we came to love the first time we were up there! I know odd but we have learned to appreciate the small things!
loves pumpkin guts!
We are still so thankful to all you guys for all your love and support for our little family! Without all of you these little bumps in the road might seem more like pot holes! Love you all!
Remi's Mommy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hunting thoughts of super powers!

Remington doing his tummy time!
When you become a mother there is nothing in this world you would not do for your child, you know from the moment you find out you are pregnant you will do anything for the health and happiness of your baby. I remember sitting on my bed when I was about seven months pregnant promising my unborn baby that there is nothing I would not do for his health and happiness. I sometimes wish there was more I could do to make this promise come true for Remington. I know that he has such a long road ahead of him and sometimes I find myself focusing on all the things that COULD happen to my baby, all the things that COULD take my sweet child away from me and sometimes these thought over power all the good roads that lay ahead. I always feel guilty for feeling this way but sometimes I just would like to know why this should be Remington's life(even though I know he is a gift from the lord)! Why should he have to bear such a great burden.
best cuddle partner!
 Tonight as I sat here holding Remington watching my favorite t.v. show (Parenthood) lots of thoughts started to come into my head. How come Remington has been given to us? What did we do so right to be given such and amazing spirit? Why does his life have to come with so many challenges? What will happen if Remington ends up getting something serious? Can we go through this again? What can I do to stop any pain my child might have to go through? Even though I try not to let the "What if's" thoughts bring me down sometimes they get the best of me! Now do not get me wrong the thoughts of all the fun we will have and already have with Remington out weight the bad thoughts by along shoot. Yet as any mother would,  I do fear what lays ahead for my baby. I sometimes have a hard time putting him down in his crib because I never want to let him go in fear of what tomorrow might bring. Sometimes I cover him in kisses just in case someday I don't get to give him anymore. I sometimes wonder what I will do the first day that Remington figures out he is just a little different. How that conversation will be handled by Dallen and I, that thought puts me in tears every single time I think about it. What mom or dad ever wants to tell there child they are different? Yet I know he will be smart and he will figure it all out for himself.  In our eyes Remington is the greatest thing since ham fried rice!  We will always do our best to make his life the very best we can, even on the rough days! I know that time will help prepare us for this challenge and all the challenges to come. I just wish I could have a glimpse into the future to prepare myself for all that might lay ahead for Remington. Although I know this is how I would be even if Remington did not have Downs syndrome. Dallen would call me a worry wart. He might be right but lets not let him know I admitted that, he would get a big head!
 I know right now it might seem that I am out for a pity party but I am not looking for anyone to feel sorry for us because there nothing to feel sorry about. Remington is the greatest baby in the entire world and I am one blessed mommy. Yet the fear of the unknown does keep me up at night sometimes and I know this is normal(even though it makes me feel guilty)! I want this blog to be about the real side of raising a child with super powers and through that I want to be real about the thoughts that go through a parents mind each and everyday. My hope is that someday someone going through something similar to us can read my blog and find peace knowing THEY are NOT alone! 
We love everyone so much and are so thankful for all the love and support everyone is always showing to us. We know that Remington is going to have a great life and will make it through whatever is tossed his way. We know that we are not alone and are not given anything that can not be handled. Remington is such a great example to us all. We feel so blessed to have him in our lives!
Remington's mommy
This is a fortune cookie I got a week before
Remington was born, Just barley
found the picture on my phone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby vs. Crib!

Then battle begins!

Asleep in mommy's arms!
When we brought Remington home from primaries we were still so scared he would stop breathing on us that we set up his pack-n-play next to our bed.This is where he has slept for the first three months of his little life and it was all fine and dandy until about a month ago when he would start waking up at his daddy's snoring! Dallen would say that he does not snore(who is he really trying to kid)! So because I can't rightly put a pillow over Dallen until the snoring stops( in fear that he will stop breathing), we decided to put Remington in his bran new crib! A crib that we HAD to have before he was born, that up until last week had never held a baby! In my defense... I was going through nesting and I wanted to have his room all ready for him to come home( how was I to know that Remington would have such a start)!
 So the first night we put him in and settled down for our nice usual sleep through the night(I know I can not really complain because Remi has always been such a great sleeper)! Remington on the other hand decided that sleeping in his bed was not really an option( he maybe a little head strong like his mother) and because he knows he makes the rules was sure to show us this by getting up every hour on the hour the entire night! So we did what any parent would do on their last thread of sanity.  We put the pack-n-play back up and let the little guy win! As soon as we did this Remington took one great big deep breath and fell asleep!
Remington one...Crib zero!
My worst enemy!
The next day Dal and I both felt so defeated, how could a baby have so much control?  Dallen just kept saying "why would a baby choose to sleep on that hard pack-n-play mat rather then his nice comfortable bed!" So me being a little on the stubborn side myself, decided that there was no way Remington was going to win this battle! I mean he is just a baby how hard could it really be?! So we got Remi all ready for bed, gave him his bottle, read his little story(the therapist says it will help with his speech), sang him his night-night song and rocked the little guy into a deep sleep. I was sure that he was going to at least sleep for a couple hours but I was wrong! We laid him down, got our comfortable cloths on and just sat down to watch Planet Earth(I know we are nerds) When what to my wondering ears do I hear but a little voice coming from the baby monitor! Remington had decided that he was not ready to stop playing with mom and dad. I could not help but laugh because he was being so darn cute. For those of you who don't know I am a weak mommy, Remington just has to smile and I will be sure to do whatever it is I think he wants. Due to this I grabbed him out of his crib and for about two more hours the little guy watched Planet Earth with us! Then we once again put him in his bed got him all nestled in. He was doing great for about four hours and then the DAMN monitor we put on him to check his saturation levels while he sleeps started going off! Not because Remington was having any trouble breathing but because the probe had fallen off his foot. So we had to wake him up to put that darn thing back on(I have a love hate relationship with the monitor)! So once again holding on to the last of our pride, we put the pack-n-play back up! Wouldn't you know it Remington fell into a nice deep sleep for the rest of the night!
Remington two.....Crib zero!!
Remington proving to daddy..
there will be no CRIB!!
Now Dallen and I are both starting to feel like it is a never ending case! Remington had no intentions of ever sleeping in the nice comfortable crib! He would probably be in his teens before he was going to for go his pack-n-play for a bed! What do we do because neither of us are ready to take away the one thing that makes our baby sleep through the night? At this point the pack-n-play was a life line of our sleep! So we did what we do best kept the pack-n-play up for what we both now needed... a good nights sleep!
Remington three....Crib ZERO!!!
This last Saturday Dal and I made a packed that we would not let Remi win, he was going to sleep in that crib if we had to stay up all night long! I am not sure if Remington was understanding us making this packed or if he was just loving the sight of his parents losing their minds to a none sleeping baby but we slept probably about a good two hours the whole night! Remington was sure to show us that if we were going to make him stay in that Crib he was going to give us hell! Yet even though we spent the most part of the day in our beds...Remington did not win the battle of the Crib he slept(or laid) in his own bed the whole night! We both had such a since of accomplishment! 

Remington three....Crib one!!!!
Asleep in his own little bed!
Sunday afternoon we put that pack-n-play all the way away and promised it had seen its last night! Sunday night we stuck to our guns and I am happy to announce that Remington slept through the night in his own room and even slept until about eight-thirty! 
 Remington three...Crib two!!!!!
I am hoping that by writing this blog I am not jinxing a good thing but I am just so proud that Dallen and I made it through our first battle with our child! Look at us... we might actually make it through this parenting thing after all!

Remington's mommy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day by Day!

Getting ready for church!
Everyday brings on it's own challenges, adventures, and most of all FUN!! Remington has brought such a new light to our lives! We seriously have so much fun figuring out all the little things that come along with being parents! Remi is getting so big, he is now three months old! He is making GREAT progress he makes me so proud to be his mommy! He is sitting up (with help of course), He has also found his cute little chubby toes and it is the greatest thing watching him try to figure out how to put those things in his mouth! Remington is also laughing and smiling more each and everyday! He can turn my whole day around when I see his little smile! Usually when I get home from work he will smile when he sees or hears me come in! I just love this it makes me feel so needed! It is now football season and Dallen had Remington on his lap watching football bright and early Sunday morning! Remington was born into being a Colts fan his daddy would not have it any other way! They both look so cute watching football together in their colts jersey's!
  Remington has had some trouble passing his hearing test in his right ear so they are thinking he will need to take a brain steam test to see how serious the hearing lose is! We will be doing that soon and I will keep everyone posted as soon as we have more information on that. Its kinda hard to hear this kinda stuff about your child but I know that it could be so much worse! We are so thankful and feel so blessed to have Remington home and doing so well! We know our heavenly father is looking out for us!
Laughing and smiling!
   Other then this we are now on a crazy schedule! Dallen is now working nights and sleeps during the day(well that is when he is not going to school) Dallen is seriously the greatest husband and daddy in the world! I know everyone always says that about their husbands but Dallen seriously works so hard to give us a great life. We are so blessed to have him in our lives! 
 Being back to work has been really nice but hard to be away from my little guy! I sometimes start counting down the seconds until I can get home to him! I have to say it is the hardest thing in the world to leave him everyday but I know he is in super good hands with his gobby (Traci)! I have a new respect for those moms that leave their children after being up all night with them and go to work all day! You Ladies ROCK!!! 
 We are hoping to be in our new place in less then two months and I have went crazy buying decorations and furniture to make it so cute! Dallen has been on honey do shopping trips for the last two months and I am sure he cant wait to just be in the place and have it all decorated! He is such a trooper though and is always so supportive of all my creative adventures! My sister has also been pretty supportive of my decorating, we have been on countless trips to Roberts and Hobby lobby in the last couple months( she might kill me if I suggest to go there anymore)! I honestly find so much joy and relaxation in doing my crafts( I know I am a craft nerd)! Our home will be so cute and I cant wait to start putting things together!
 so cute and ready for church!
 Well that pretty well sums up the last couple weeks for the Butterfield family! We are so looking forward to the up and coming Holiday season and I am sure we will have lots of stories to come. We love you all and are still so thankful for all the love and support you all show to our little family each and everyday!
Remington's mommy