Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting big

So thanks to my lovely sister Tiffany and her constant reminder that I have not wrote on my blog for sometime now and me not being one to finish something I start...HERE I AM(which happens to be the title of my latest favorite song)! So much has happened since my last entry and I do apologize for keeping you all waiting, so lets get started!
before the surgery!
Remington is doing so well since his surgery. Although my sweet little Super Hero is still on his special juice(oxygen) at night, we now know why he is and the problems that we know stand ahead to fix it! Remington has a few problems in his airways that are causing the the breathing difficulties. The first is that his adenoids are very enlarged and will have to come out eventually(they like to wait on this until they are about two but will do it sooner if needed)! The seconded is that his epiglottis( which is the little dangley thing in the back of your throat) is shaped more like a horse shoe and it needs to be more flat. We hope that this will fix itself but if not they well have to fix that. Our ENT( Ear, nose, and throat doctor) says that he thinks that this will most likely fix itself. This is also the reason that Remington makes that funny sound that sounds like a seal(which in a way would be sad not to hear because it makes him, him)! The third issue is probably the most concerning, every human body has two holes in the lung to let air out. These holes are usually quit large, Remi has one that is usual size and then one that is very little. The ENT thinks that this is because he had so many troubles at birth with his lungs. He is hoping that this will fix itself but is unsure if it will. If not they will have to go in and widen that hole because it will make it very difficult to breath when our Hero starts walking! All of these issues ARE fixable and that is the very best news a mommy wants to hear. We will be going back when Remington is One to check these things again. So keep your fingers Crossed! Remi also had his cute little ears checked while we had him under. He had tubes put in and we are already noticing how much better he can hear. Every time we are out in loud places, he gets very jumping and scared. Although my voice does not seem to bother him and I would not say I am a quite person to say the least!
post surgery!
Remington did so good in his surgery that we were able to take him home. This was supposed to be and over night stay surgery. This is just one of the MANY reasons that my little wonder never stops AMAZING his mommy and daddy of his true bravery and will to be healthy! We are so proud of Remington for all he has accomplished.

Okay since we brought are little monster home he has been one of the greatest sleepers! Well that was until he got his hearing back and now wakes up at least two to three times a night! Some nights my little guy does not want to go back to sleep and because I am a weak mommy I put a movie in and we cuddle and watch cartoons! Then he ends up sleeping with me, which is kind of ironic because I have ALWAYS been the one that says " Babies sleep in there cribs!" I guess its different when it is your own and there is space on the bed for him! Remington makes me want to break all the rules. He just has away of making me do whatever he wants. YES our kids have COMPLETE control of us flocks! We have but no choice then to let them win! That is if we value what little sleep we are given and believe me when I say I VERY MUCH DO!
cuddling with daddy!

Our little super hero is now saying "DADADADADADADADADA!" although I worked on mommy for months Dallen still got the first word! I tell Dallen all the time it is just because it is easier(it makes me feel better) but in away I am so happy it was his first word! Dallen will KILL me for saying this but you should see his face every time Remi says "dada" He just lights up! He seriously is such a proud daddy! Plus I get so many first that only mommy's get and so I guess I can give him this one....BUT...the next word better be mommy! He is also sitting pretty much on his own these days(with the occasional tip over)! He is eating baby food and has a strong love for Squash and Carrots. He has a strong hate for most fruits( I know odd) Green beans and Peas! If you choose either of these green devils, you better be ready to doc and cover because he will spit them back at you! Remington is getting so big it is crazy to me. At his six month appointment our little man was weighing in at a whooping 17 pounds and 11 ounces(which might be normal for average babies but for a baby with DS it is AMAZING! To put this into perspective a usual 18 month old DS baby weighs about what Remi does right now) Remington is also 27 and a half inches long which is also AMAZING! The other day we actually were shopping and a father with a nine year old Ds boy, stopped to talk to us about Remington(this happens a lot, the DS community is so loving and opened)! He was so was amazed at how big and healthy Remi looked! This made Dallen and I smile, it is always nice to hear from others how great your child is ha ha ha!

Spiting peas!
Rem's therapist Sue is doing lots of new things with Remington! He now has a ball that he sits on and bounces! We also practice our Superman flying tactics by laying on our bellies and rolling on the ball. While mommy holds our feet! He usually loves this but is not really a big fan of the sitting and bouncing. This is to help him to have better balance and to build that upper body core. I am going to have one buff baby on my hands. I have to tell you I feel so blessed to have the medical team that we have for Remington. Sue being at the top of that list!


I thought I would end this entry on a high with some of the funny things that have happened in the past couple weeks. I am sure most of you have heard by now my story of how we get Remington to be quite in the car these days but for the few that have not heard I will go ahead and tell the story anyways. Remington has acquired and strong dislike for the car rides. One day I was driving home from work and he was just screaming. I had pulled over tried to clam him down and nothing was working. So I did what any mother on her last thread of normalcy would do! I turned up my music and tried my best not to think about the baby crying in the backseat! It just so happened that the song on my ipod was an old high school classic "There it go (the Whistle song)!" I know embarrassing but it gets me every time! Remington also was very touched by the song! He went from screaming to a peaceful sweet ray of sunshine! I thought maybe this was a mistake so I changed the song and he started crying again. So needless to say we drive around town these days rocking out to the "Whistle song!" Dallen is very worried we have produced a little "RAPPA!"

This story is very gross and should probably not be told but when have I ever been one to keep a good embarrassing story of myself under raps? Remington has a hard time going number two, so we have this whole process to get that crap(literally) out! One day we had been at it for almost thirty minutes and I was sure he was done. I got him all dressed and ready to go when what to my wondering ears...he is still working on some more! I seriously could not believe he was still going to try and poop some more! As I was taking his diaper off I said are you serious...I had my mouth wide open and my beloved child peed right into my mouth! I was so shocked I sat there for a half a second trying to calculate what had just happened then I ran off to the bathroom and threw up! Dallen could not stop laughing and refused to kiss me for about four days! Gotta love my boy!

Well that is a pretty good idea what is going on around our place and what we are looking forward to in the future. We love all of you so very much and are so thankful for all your love and support that you show to us each and every single day!
Remi's Mommy!

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