Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby vs. Crib!

Then battle begins!

Asleep in mommy's arms!
When we brought Remington home from primaries we were still so scared he would stop breathing on us that we set up his pack-n-play next to our bed.This is where he has slept for the first three months of his little life and it was all fine and dandy until about a month ago when he would start waking up at his daddy's snoring! Dallen would say that he does not snore(who is he really trying to kid)! So because I can't rightly put a pillow over Dallen until the snoring stops( in fear that he will stop breathing), we decided to put Remington in his bran new crib! A crib that we HAD to have before he was born, that up until last week had never held a baby! In my defense... I was going through nesting and I wanted to have his room all ready for him to come home( how was I to know that Remington would have such a start)!
 So the first night we put him in and settled down for our nice usual sleep through the night(I know I can not really complain because Remi has always been such a great sleeper)! Remington on the other hand decided that sleeping in his bed was not really an option( he maybe a little head strong like his mother) and because he knows he makes the rules was sure to show us this by getting up every hour on the hour the entire night! So we did what any parent would do on their last thread of sanity.  We put the pack-n-play back up and let the little guy win! As soon as we did this Remington took one great big deep breath and fell asleep!
Remington one...Crib zero!
My worst enemy!
The next day Dal and I both felt so defeated, how could a baby have so much control?  Dallen just kept saying "why would a baby choose to sleep on that hard pack-n-play mat rather then his nice comfortable bed!" So me being a little on the stubborn side myself, decided that there was no way Remington was going to win this battle! I mean he is just a baby how hard could it really be?! So we got Remi all ready for bed, gave him his bottle, read his little story(the therapist says it will help with his speech), sang him his night-night song and rocked the little guy into a deep sleep. I was sure that he was going to at least sleep for a couple hours but I was wrong! We laid him down, got our comfortable cloths on and just sat down to watch Planet Earth(I know we are nerds) When what to my wondering ears do I hear but a little voice coming from the baby monitor! Remington had decided that he was not ready to stop playing with mom and dad. I could not help but laugh because he was being so darn cute. For those of you who don't know I am a weak mommy, Remington just has to smile and I will be sure to do whatever it is I think he wants. Due to this I grabbed him out of his crib and for about two more hours the little guy watched Planet Earth with us! Then we once again put him in his bed got him all nestled in. He was doing great for about four hours and then the DAMN monitor we put on him to check his saturation levels while he sleeps started going off! Not because Remington was having any trouble breathing but because the probe had fallen off his foot. So we had to wake him up to put that darn thing back on(I have a love hate relationship with the monitor)! So once again holding on to the last of our pride, we put the pack-n-play back up! Wouldn't you know it Remington fell into a nice deep sleep for the rest of the night!
Remington two.....Crib zero!!
Remington proving to daddy..
there will be no CRIB!!
Now Dallen and I are both starting to feel like it is a never ending case! Remington had no intentions of ever sleeping in the nice comfortable crib! He would probably be in his teens before he was going to for go his pack-n-play for a bed! What do we do because neither of us are ready to take away the one thing that makes our baby sleep through the night? At this point the pack-n-play was a life line of our sleep! So we did what we do best kept the pack-n-play up for what we both now needed... a good nights sleep!
Remington three....Crib ZERO!!!
This last Saturday Dal and I made a packed that we would not let Remi win, he was going to sleep in that crib if we had to stay up all night long! I am not sure if Remington was understanding us making this packed or if he was just loving the sight of his parents losing their minds to a none sleeping baby but we slept probably about a good two hours the whole night! Remington was sure to show us that if we were going to make him stay in that Crib he was going to give us hell! Yet even though we spent the most part of the day in our beds...Remington did not win the battle of the Crib he slept(or laid) in his own bed the whole night! We both had such a since of accomplishment! 

Remington three....Crib one!!!!
Asleep in his own little bed!
Sunday afternoon we put that pack-n-play all the way away and promised it had seen its last night! Sunday night we stuck to our guns and I am happy to announce that Remington slept through the night in his own room and even slept until about eight-thirty! 
 Remington three...Crib two!!!!!
I am hoping that by writing this blog I am not jinxing a good thing but I am just so proud that Dallen and I made it through our first battle with our child! Look at us... we might actually make it through this parenting thing after all!

Remington's mommy!

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