Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day by Day!

Getting ready for church!
Everyday brings on it's own challenges, adventures, and most of all FUN!! Remington has brought such a new light to our lives! We seriously have so much fun figuring out all the little things that come along with being parents! Remi is getting so big, he is now three months old! He is making GREAT progress he makes me so proud to be his mommy! He is sitting up (with help of course), He has also found his cute little chubby toes and it is the greatest thing watching him try to figure out how to put those things in his mouth! Remington is also laughing and smiling more each and everyday! He can turn my whole day around when I see his little smile! Usually when I get home from work he will smile when he sees or hears me come in! I just love this it makes me feel so needed! It is now football season and Dallen had Remington on his lap watching football bright and early Sunday morning! Remington was born into being a Colts fan his daddy would not have it any other way! They both look so cute watching football together in their colts jersey's!
  Remington has had some trouble passing his hearing test in his right ear so they are thinking he will need to take a brain steam test to see how serious the hearing lose is! We will be doing that soon and I will keep everyone posted as soon as we have more information on that. Its kinda hard to hear this kinda stuff about your child but I know that it could be so much worse! We are so thankful and feel so blessed to have Remington home and doing so well! We know our heavenly father is looking out for us!
Laughing and smiling!
   Other then this we are now on a crazy schedule! Dallen is now working nights and sleeps during the day(well that is when he is not going to school) Dallen is seriously the greatest husband and daddy in the world! I know everyone always says that about their husbands but Dallen seriously works so hard to give us a great life. We are so blessed to have him in our lives! 
 Being back to work has been really nice but hard to be away from my little guy! I sometimes start counting down the seconds until I can get home to him! I have to say it is the hardest thing in the world to leave him everyday but I know he is in super good hands with his gobby (Traci)! I have a new respect for those moms that leave their children after being up all night with them and go to work all day! You Ladies ROCK!!! 
 We are hoping to be in our new place in less then two months and I have went crazy buying decorations and furniture to make it so cute! Dallen has been on honey do shopping trips for the last two months and I am sure he cant wait to just be in the place and have it all decorated! He is such a trooper though and is always so supportive of all my creative adventures! My sister has also been pretty supportive of my decorating, we have been on countless trips to Roberts and Hobby lobby in the last couple months( she might kill me if I suggest to go there anymore)! I honestly find so much joy and relaxation in doing my crafts( I know I am a craft nerd)! Our home will be so cute and I cant wait to start putting things together!
 so cute and ready for church!
 Well that pretty well sums up the last couple weeks for the Butterfield family! We are so looking forward to the up and coming Holiday season and I am sure we will have lots of stories to come. We love you all and are still so thankful for all the love and support you all show to our little family each and everyday!
Remington's mommy 


  1. Ok craft nerd.... when are we going to have a nerdy craft night together? We still need to make those paper bag scrapbooks. And play with your cricut. And be nerds together! Haha!! Love your blog.

  2. Jen we really do need to do that! Let's plan it!