Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moving on up!

One of our family pictures
One might say that I have been a little preoccupied the last month and have had no time to write, while another might say I was just to damn lazy to stay up after putting my little monster down for the night to write. I myself would probably lean more to the second but hey who is judging?!?!
Things have been going so super great lately, we are in our new place and I have spent most of my days decorating and getting things put in there right place. You might say I have a problem, I actually get anxiety over where I should put things! I fear that it is becoming a giant issue because I actually keep losing sleep at night thinking about where things should go! Dallen is probably going to kick me out if I wake him up one more time to tell him I know where we should put something! I know what you are thinking this is drastic but like I said I have a very BIG problem! Dallen has been so super about it all though, he will move things around a million times to satisfy my strange decorating troubles! Truth be told he is probably to afraid of the "pink hulk" (which he commonly calls me in times like these) to say no but I love him anyways! I have not had time to take pictures( well really I have not taken pictures due to the fact that I am not done) but when I do I will be sure to blog!
so sweet!
Other then this Remington is doing so great getting big and talking like it is going out of style! I think he might look like his daddy(which I am finally starting to accept) but he has mommy's personality. You cant stop Remington from a good conversation! He and I have had a lot of quality time lately and I am proud to announce Remi loves my dancing! Makes him laugh so hard he almost starts crying(not really sure what to think about that)! We took him to the doctor on Friday because he was not feeling very well and he is weighing in now at 16 pounds 1 ounce and 26 and half inches long! Pretty soon I am not even going to be able to hold him...he will probably be holding me! He is pretty much sitting up by himself these days and starting to eat rice cereal(which he hates) and sitting in his high chair while we eat(which he also hates)! He is a big fan of our fans in our living room, I think he thinks they are the greatest thing since ham fried rice! We had some trouble the first couple night in our new house trying to get him to sleep! He was not used to the sounds,smells and looks of his now room but he is doing a little better now! Still not my sleep through the night baby, that I have come to love but we will get there!
what a sweet face(not) he hates his mush!
As many of you might already know Remington is having a surgery on November 14th for his ears and airways! Nothing to serious, they are just putting tubes in, checking how extensive the hearing lose is in his right ear and exploring his airways to see if something is blocking of his air path while he sleeps! This might be why he sounds like a seal when he cries and why he is still on oxygen at night! It will be at primary's and should be no more then an hour long! I am hoping all goes well and we can bring him home that day but they are telling us to expect at least an over night stay! Not exactly where we wont to be( brings back lots of bad memories) but we will not be admitted to the NICU so that is a plus! Also we should actually be able to stay over night with him and this will make it lots better on us! Dallen is looking forward to eating at the Rainbow cafe which we came to love the first time we were up there! I know odd but we have learned to appreciate the small things!
loves pumpkin guts!
We are still so thankful to all you guys for all your love and support for our little family! Without all of you these little bumps in the road might seem more like pot holes! Love you all!
Remi's Mommy!

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  1. Good luck with the surgery. Hunter had to have surgery when he turned one. It isn't easy, but Primary's was so awesome with him. Blowing bubbles with him, gave him a cute sippie cup, etc. It will be so different for you then when he was born. Good luck!
    By the way, the comment about the dancing made me laugh! Hee, hee.