Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis the season!

As I was out today looking around for last minuet gifts(I know I am one of "THOSE" people) I started to realize how much of Christmas has been lost in the madness of gift giving! Now usually I try to keep my blogs about Remington but tonight I am going to talk about a person who made my childhood Christmases merry and bright!
left to right:
great grandma Lula, cousin Dani, Tiff, Grandma marian and me! 

Decorating the tree!

Now I remember when I was little my Grandma Marian would throw the greatest Christmas parties in the entry world! I can remember being so excited for November to come just to help my Grandma get the house decorated(which usually was never finished until the week before Christmas)! My Grandma would make the inside of the house look like Santa's workshop! My grandpa would make the outside look beautiful!  They had this Christmas star you could see from the road and I can remember being so proud knowing that star came from their house!  Grandma had the greatest stories about her meetings with Santa and how he told her he knew if we had been good or bad! 
Christmas with grandma!
I was probably on the naughty list more then I was on the Good list(somethings never change) but I always loved hearing about the magic of Santa. In fact I remember when I stopped believing in the "Jolly old guy" I was scared to tell my grandma, in fear it would break her heart forever. So I did what any child at age ten would do,  I fibbed! I think she thought I believed until I was well into middle school(sorry grandma)!  My Grandma knew every Christmas song there ever was. She always had music playing through the Holidays and she was always singing along(or her best attempt at singing anyway)! In case some of you are wondering...this is where my BEAUTIFUL singing voice comes from! I remember that she would go all out on her grandchildren for Christmas! As an adult I can appreciate how this must of set her and my grandpa back each year but that never mattered to them. She was determined to make Christmas everything to us kids and she always did!
wise man Whit!
 I remember being very young and getting dressed up in my grandma's night gowns to put on a nativity scene for the adults. I am sure my big sister was the ring leader in this because she always had us doing nerdy things like this!  Yet this is one of my favorite pictures to look back on as a child! We always had so much fun with my grandma any day of the year but there was just something about the Christmas holiday that brought out a new light in her! Now some might find this ironic but I find it perfect and fitting her entails are M.C.( Merry Christmas) and her name when said fast almost sounds like Merry Christmas( for her privacy I wont put her name on here but if you know her try this out)! Now I can not tell you many of the gifts I received over the years but what I can tell you is every second I spent helping my Grandma and being with the family is what made my Christmas.  My Grandmother instilled in her grandchildren the true joy of Christmas! We not only learned of the great magic of Santa and the gifts we were sure to receive but that the Holidays were about getting together as a family and making memories together! Thank you grandma for making my childhood Christmases all that a child could dream of and more! You have given me something to look up to as I raise Remington and his siblings to come and someday my own grandchildren.  I love you grandma and thank you!
(I could not resist putting some of the picture of Christmases growing up!)
My first Christmas!

My cousin Dani, Sister Tiffany and I on Christmas!
Christmas at Grandma's...gotta love my hat!

Look at all those presents! I have always been a show stopper!
So like tiffany to sit why I clean!